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Precautions for supermarket anti-theft device installation
  1. You must not expose the supermarket anti-theft devices to the sun, or put them in places with high temperature, humidity, chemical corrosion and too much dust. In order to ensure the project quality, first investigate the interference source on the site. If it cannot be eliminated, the installed supermarket anti-theft equipment shall be far away from the interference source.

    2. The power box of RF detector uses 10A two pole grounding plug. In order to avoid mutual interference with other electrical appliances, independent AC220V power supply shall be used for power supply, and the power socket must be 10A two pole grounding socket meeting safety standards.

    3. When the supermarket alarm is powered on, if an abnormal phenomenon is found, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and then it can be powered on after troubleshooting.

    4. Do not operate with electricity during the installation of supermarket anti-theft device.

    5. When all the wires have been connected, it is necessary to check the installation and wiring repeatedly, so as to power on.

The supermarket anti-theft device shall not be installed within 0.5m from the metal door or within 1m of any metal object. Metal objects include metal wall ribs, display shelves, metal display cabinets, metal shopping carts, etc. The supermarket anti-theft device shall not be installed within 2 meters from the cash register, credit card identification device, telephone, computer, data cable, neon lamp, air conditioner and heater.

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