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  • Through RFID, the turnover of children's clothing factory has increased by 50%In recent years, with the development of RFID technology, children's clothing factories are also using this technology to improve production efficiency and improve customer experience. Recently, with the help of RFID technology, the turnover ... ...

    02-13 2023

  • COVID-19 Update,nCov influenceCOVID-19 Update : To Our Distinguished Customers , After the infectious COVID-19,the nCov broke out in Wuhan,China,we have taken every measures to ensure workers safe by asking every worker quarantine at home according to government reque ...

    10-28 2021

  • 22nd CHINASHOP Opening22nd CHINASHOP Opening Over the past 21 years, CHINASHOPhas been committed to the development of Chinas retail industry, providing a broad platform and space for retail enterprises, and helping the growth and development of Chinas retail in ...

    10-28 2021

  • Attentions for Use of EAS Anti-theft Soft LabelAs we all know, anti-theft labels are divided into two types: hard tagss and soft labels. We often see hard labels in supermarkets and clothing stores. Hard tags are used together with anti-theft nails or anti-theft steel wire ropes, which ...

    10-28 2021

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