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How to prevent the theft of cosmetics?

How to achieve anti-theft cosmetics?

Introduction to cosmetic anti-theft instrument system:

Cosmetics stores and pharmacies generally use EM electromagnetic system, which is the same principle as that used in libraries and bookstores. Although RF system is cheaper than RF system, most cosmetics and drugs contain metal substances. It has shielding effect on RF system, and consumables are more expensive than EM electromagnetic system, so it is not suitable.

Security systems and consumables for anti-theft doors of cosmetics stores and pharmacies generally include:

● transmitting and receiving antennas

● passive degaussing plate

● magnetic stripe tester

● EM hard label

● nail extractor

● magnetic stripe degausser (impulse desensitizer), permanent magnetic stripe (can not be filled with degaussing) composite magnetic stripe (can be filled with degaussing)

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