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Classification of anti-theft labels in supermarkets

Supermarket anti-theft labels can be divided into anti-theft hard labels and anti-theft soft labels.

Among them, anti-theft hard labels can be subdivided into buckle labels, bottle labels, tank labels and other categories.

The anti-theft hard label can be recovered after being removed by a special buckle extractor and can be reused. Other categories of anti-theft hard labels mainly include rope labels and special anti-theft newspaper protection boxes.

The rope labels are composed of anti-theft buckles and tag ropes. They are mainly used for the protection of valuable special products that cannot be fastened with fixed devices, such as small household appliances, high-end water cups, tea sets and other special products, which can be untied with special equipment at the cashier and can be reused. The special anti-theft protection box is mainly used for CD and VCD DVD. The protection of small and valuable products such as batteries and blades can be untied with special equipment at the cashier and can be reused.

The classification of anti-theft soft labels is very simple, because anti-theft soft labels belong to disposable products, so they can not be reused. Soft tags are divided into RF soft tags and acoustic magnetic soft tags, but the functions of soft tags are the same. They are small and easy to hide. They are often used for the maintenance of valuable products such as cosmetics and clothing. Not only the price is relatively cheap, but also it is easy to paste. The disadvantage is that it can not be recovered and reused.

Anti theft labels can be divided into soft labels and hard labels. Soft labels are pasted on hard goods, such as household appliances, which generally fail after degaussing. Hard labels are used on soft goods, such as clothes. According to the frequency, it can be divided into 58K acoustic magnetic and 8.2m RF. According to the equipment, it can be divided into labels, decoders, alarm antennas, etc. according to the object of use, it can be divided into clothes, glasses, wine bottles, golf clubs, DVDs, cosmetics, etc.

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