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Selection and application of anti-theft release device in supermarket

At present, there are many kinds of anti-theft buckles in supermarkets, with different frequencies, different shapes and different release principles. How to distinguish and select the corresponding release device? Today I'll give you a brief introduction. The conventional anti-theft buckle is mainly composed of a lock cylinder and a magnetic rod, and the tripping principle is also very simple. The three magnetic beads are stuck in the fixed steel nail. When the convex part of the magnetic buckle is put into the buckle groove, the three magnetic beads are separated and the nail is removed. For different magnetic buckles, the magnetic force of the lock cylinder is also different, so the magnetic force of the buckle unloader is also different. Generally, the magnetic force is 4500-16000gs. There is also a special anti-theft buckle. The tripping principle is not magnetic, but a spring plate is stuck. This kind of magnetic unloader cannot be opened. This kind of anti-theft buckle is generally flat and long, and there is a hole on the top side, When releasing, a hook on the release device will go deep into the hole, push the spring plate open, and then the nail will be removed.

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