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How to use anti-theft label and precautions

Use of labels

1. The cashier is easy to find and convenient for degaussing / nail taking operation

2. No damage to goods

3. Does not affect the appearance

4. Do not cover important information on goods or packaging

5. Non folding label (angle should be greater than 120 °)

It is suggested to put the anti-theft label in a unified position. Some goods have built-in anti-theft labels when they are processed in the factory. They should also be in a unified position to facilitate the cashier to find the location in case of emergency.

Hard label installation

First determine the position of the label on the commodity, thread the matching nail outward from the inner side of the commodity, align the hole of the label with the matching nail, press the label nail with your thumb until all the nails are inserted into the label hole, and you will hear the sound of "cluck" while inserting the nail.

Main application scope and placement method of hard label

Hard labels are mainly applicable to textiles such as clothes and trousers, as well as leather bags, shoes and hats, etc

a. For textile goods, the matching nails and holes should be passed through the seams, buttonholes and trousers of the clothing as far as possible, so that the label is eye-catching and does not affect the customer's fitting.

b. For leather goods, the nails shall pass through the buckle hole as far as possible to avoid damaging the leather. For leather goods without buckle hole, special rope buckle can be used to cover the ring of leather goods, and then nailed with hard label.

c. For footwear products, the label can be nailed through the buckle hole. If there is no buckle hole, special hard label can be selected.

d. For some specific commodities, such as leather shoes, bottled wine, glasses, etc., special labels can be used or hard labels can be added with rope buckles for protection. For special labels, you can learn from us.

e. The position of the hard label on the goods shall be consistent, so that the goods appear neat and beautiful on the shelf, and it is also convenient for the cashier to take the label.

Note: the hard label shall be placed where the label nail will not damage the goods and is convenient for the cashier to find and take out the nail.

External adhesion of soft label

a. It shall be pasted on the smooth and clean surface outside the commodity or commodity package, while keeping the label straight and beautiful. Do not paste the soft label on the place where important instructions are printed on the commodity or package, such as commodity composition, use method, warning name, size, bar code, production date, etc;

b. For goods with curved surface, such as bottled cosmetics, alcohol, washing supplies, etc., soft labels can be directly pasted on the curved surface, but pay attention to flatness, and do not bend the label too much;

c. In order to prevent illegal tearing off of the label, the label adopts self-adhesive with strong viscosity. Be careful not to stick it on leather goods, because if the label is forcibly removed, the surface of the goods may be damaged;

d. For commodities with tin foil or metal, you can't directly paste them with soft labels. You can cooperate with the handheld detector to find a reasonable pasting position;

Concealed adhesion of soft label

In order to give better play to the anti-theft effect, the store can place the label in the commodity or commodity packaging box according to the characteristics of the commodity, which is mainly the unified position where the commodity is adhered to the packaging box during factory processing.

Paste rate of soft label

More soft labels should be pasted on the seriously lost goods, and sometimes they can even be pasted again; Less or no soft labels should be attached to goods with low loss. Generally speaking, the rate of soft labeling of goods should be within 30% of the goods on the shelves, but the store can dynamically grasp the labeling rate according to the management situation.

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