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Precautions for the use of supermarket anti-theft RF anti-theft tag

usage method:

The RF tag shall be pasted on a dry and flat surface. Bending the RF anti-theft tag will lead to the attenuation of the tag signal;

The anti-theft label of frozen packaged goods needs special treatment;

Radio frequency anti-theft labels cannot be used in that kind of packaging:

Aluminum foil bags, such as: facial mask, black sesame paste, milk powder, coffee, etc.

Metal commodities: iron pot, barreled milk powder, etc

The goods pasted with anti-theft labels shall be larger than the label specification, and shall not be folded for use;

The standard specification of RF tag is 40x40m. The larger the tag, the more sensitive it is. On the contrary, the smaller the tag, the weaker it is;

How to solve:

Acoustic magnetic labels can be used for metal packaging or commodities to solve the above problems, but the cost is relatively higher;

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